The Dutton Family Theater

The dutton family theater

Have you ever seen a family of award winning touring musicians live onstage? Then you are in luck! The Duttons are an out of this world family of recording artists that play anything and everything. From bluegrass to classical, they love music and love to share it. During their onstage performance, you will see a multitude of instruments. From violin, to viola, to guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, keyboard, and drums, the list appears to be endless. The Duttons' have even won national fiddle contests and awards in classical violin competitions.

But The Duttons just don't play instruments. They sing and dance as well! In fact, the family produces their own show. From production, to choreography, to marketing, to musical arrangements, this family does it all. The end result is sheer joy and laughter for the whole audience. So what are you waiting for? Don't delay! Buy a ticket to their Branson show today and prepare to have an amazingly good time! You won't help but leaving smiling.

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The Dutton Family Theater

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