The Haygoods

2006 the haygoods

Would you like to experience a musical extravaganza like no other?  Something so out of this world that it keeps you coming back for more?  Then look no further.  The Haygoods put on one of the most exhilarating shows in all of Branson.  The Haygoods are a group of eight siblings, seven brothers and one sister.  Between the dynamic family of eight, they rock and bring down the house nightly using their awesome voices and twenty instruments.  This tight knit family original came to Branson in 1993 where they started performing at Silver Dollar City.  Then in 2002 they moved their dynamic Branson MO show to the strip and in 2009 they bought their own theatre.  The musical experience includes songs from the 50's, 60's, 70's, pop, country, gospel, and more.  You'll even here songs done acapella.  Between the amazon harmonious voices, the outstanding choreography, and crazy art effects, you are sure to be overwhelmed.  The Haygoods have performed over 11,000 shows to over 4,500,000 people.  They are great entertainers.  And what makes this Branson Missouri experience even more unique is that the Haygoods are the only Branson show to come out with a new show each season.  What could be better?  So hurry and get your tickets today!  You won't be disappointed.


  • Seven brothers and one sister
  • 20 instruments played
  • 50's, 60's, 70's, pop, country, gospel, and acapella
  • 19th smash hit season
  • Only Branson show to create a new show each season
  • Been performing in Branson since 1993

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